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Friday, June 22, 2007

IM in Yahoo Mail

Today I discovered you could chat within Yahoo mail as you could with Gmail. It might be late news to some people but for me, I just discovered it. Yahoo is not my primary mail so I barely login to my inbox. I always use pidgin to chat with my yahoo's buddies.

Upon seeing that dialog box floating in my inbox after login, saying something like "Do you know you can chat within Yahoo mail" ( can't really remember the exact wording ) with a catching big button captioned "Continue" below it. My curious life got me to click on that button and with some few minutes of waiting, I saw a list of my buddies who're online in a pane which is sitting left bottom in my inbox.

I quickly clicked on one of them to initiate a chat with him to see how the chat goes like and how different it is from the Gmail one I'm used to.

Well, it looks good with eye-candy features, works as it's supposed to, packed with features of a normal IM client but I really didn't like the stylish callout that displays the messages and the avatars that displays at the ends of the callout, they just takes space and sometimes doesn't show all the messages typed to the receiver especially when they are long. Some of the characters get hidden to the right. You can't even break to new line as I normally do with "Ctrl+Enter". I must say, the whole thing is bloated and fat. If you really want to know want I mean, just check it out youself, remember to switch your mail to the beta. It works with it.

It's really nice to have Yahoo IM access within your mail but I guess most people will appreciate it much if Yahoo could keep it simple and lightweight. It is great though but just too fat for my likings.

This is going to be a good news for students especially those who can't use Yahoo's IM client in their school labs. Worry no more you can still keep in touch with families and friends right in your Yahoo mail but might not be a good news for students with Yahoo access blocked. Sorry for those of you in that soup.


yaomereku said...
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yaomereku said...

OK henry: I can see you are very excited, I share your enthusiasm. Perhaps the developers wanted us to feel that way. Keep finding out and keep blogging. thanks for showing me the ctr + Enter trick I never knew that.