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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Its such a great feeling to be part of this year's TEDGlobal. Meeting all these great people with great backgrounds ah, its great. Loads of people are here, including software developers, great bloggers, Google teams, AMD guys, the GE guys,Media men, Advertising Agencies and a whole lots I can't list all here.

I personally don't want to blog on the sessions because there are more than enough people blogging on these I feel its the same story that is going to float around. Listed below are some of the live bloggers around blogging live on the sessions.
Ethan Zuckerman
Juliana of Afromusing
Ramon Thompson
Jennifer Breau

As for the talks, they're awesome, the one that really caught all my attention was the talk made by the Mathematician Ron Eglash about Fractals in Africa Architecture. When he was introduced as a Mathematician I thought his talk was going to be about numbers because that is all Maths is about but it turns out to be about fractals being blend with Information Technology. It about looking at Africa architecture closely to model a fractal using a transformation geometry.

Do you know you can model a fractal from a cornrow by using a transformation geometry? it was amazing when I saw it.

Fractal model of a lady's cornrow |   Actual cornrow

More pictures of fractals can be seen here

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