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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bill Gates Is No More The Worlds Richest Man

For many years now, Bill Gates has top the world richest list but as of yesterday as reported by Techdirt and BBC, Bill Gates is no more the worlds richest man, he has been overthrown by Mogul Carlos Slim a Mexican's Telecom tycoon. Slim's fortune worth about $67.8bn (£33.6bn) and above, as against Bill Gates whose fortune comfortably remains at $59.2 billion. Slim is specifically into wireless telephones and this tells you that, the phone industry is about to dominate the world, as most people are fancy about getting a new feature rich mobile phones all the time.

This also shows that Microsoft's dominant days of the desktop are numbered and gradually counting down.

BTW, that is the photo of Mr Slim.


odzangba said...

Interesting piece of news there, Henry. What is interesting is the gap between their fortunes... nearly USD 8billion.

Certainly Windows as Microsoft's largest cash cow is losing it's revenue potential... that could have contributed to it.


Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

Good info
Hey! You got a personal strife with Bill Gates and Microsoft? I think you are on Linux, right? No doubt.

Henry Addo said...

Yeah I'm on Linux but I have no strife with Bill Gates and Microsoft.Just that he is no more the richest man.

Ramon Thomas said...

Thank you for bringing this to my attention Henry. You have a small type on Bill Gates' name in the title of this post.

Henry Addo said...

Right. Edited.
Thanks Ramon