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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vulnerability In Firefox

Came across this post and would like to caution people who uses Firefox's password management feature. It has been reported that is has a vulnerability which allows malicious website to steal passwords.

According to the post, if you let firefox remember your password, you are at a big risk from the flaw. I always see that feature as a security risk, no wonder I don't use it. I better rely on my current means of remembering passwords than browser based password management.

To me, not only mailicious website can steal passwords but malicious users of your machine too can steal passwords.

There is a discussion on going as to if that feature should be removed or not. To me alone, it should be completely zapped or made as an extention to be downloaded and used only if the user want to take the risk.


chelsea larosa said...

well you are right, there are many malicious websites that steal passwords. they do these because they are jelous. but there is really no secure thing online we all know that.

Sofia Parker said...

ya I am agree with chelsea that nothing is secure online. hackers are also there to steal your passwords.