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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Translating The Easy Way With Google Translate

It amazes me anytime Google brings out a product, they just do a wow and impressive stuff. Today I got notified by a colleague of mine at the office if I know about Google Translate , my hungry for new products from Google, I quickly loaded the page before he could finish with his sentences, I was on the site already.

As traditional of Google, it was in beta. I played around with it to translate from English to French to test my lousy French. The most amazing of it all is that, it translates website too to all the languages available. It translated my site from English to French and it worked like a charm.

Now I feel, most translators will be heading for a new profession as this really works almost perfect. It amazes me how it just works and the most fascinating thing about it is, it is beta but so intelligent that, it just works. What I'm hoping for in the future is for it to have almost all the major local languages. I miss my Twi, Ga, Ewe, Hausa, Swahili etc and I know others too have missed theirs. Google you rock!!


Anonymous said...

Hi brother, I use very this tool, after all do not know very English. Blog is very good.

So long, see you Later.

Razec -

Jazminwilss said...

Hey, i am thankful Google for providing the facility of translating the any language supported content into the user preferred language he will in short time translated it..
With Regards
Jazmin W
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